What is a Credit Memo? Definition and How to Create

credit memo definition

A credit memo, also known as a credit memorandum, is a document used by a seller to adjust or reduce the amount owed by a buyer for goods or services purchased. Credit memos provide a way for businesses to correct billing mistakes or account for returns after an invoice has already been issued. Unlike debit memo, which increases the amount owed, credit memo decreases the amount owed. Owners of small- to medium-sized businesses get orders from customers, send out invoices, receive payments, and deal with correspondence from vendors. In short, business owners have a wide variety of accounting matters that demand their time and attention.

That discount can make all the difference in whether or not you decide to buy those items from that particular retailer. Another type is the Sales Allowance Credit Memo, used when a buyer receives https://www.bookstime.com/ a discount on their purchase due to certain circumstances, such as damaged goods or late delivery. The most common reason is when a buyer returns goods or there’s a dispute on the invoice.

Understanding Credit Memos

Most credit memos are issued under the circumstances of owed, accounts payable, and reduce payments. A credit memo, also known as a credit memorandum, is a document issued credit memo by the buyer to the seller and is different from an invoice. It is issued to reduce the amount that buyer owed to the seller under the forms of earlier invoice sales.

An invoice is a document issued by a seller of goods or services indicating to a buyer the amount of money it owes for the goods and services purchased. Typically, the credit memo will provide the buyer or client information as to the reason why the credit memo has been issued and to which invoice it relates to. Banks and other financial institutions also use credit memos on their statements to indicate when a customer’s account balance has increased for a certain transaction. Another situation that can prompt a credit memo is a price reduction. Perhaps the buyer purchased an item the day before a sale and has not used it yet. The buyer can request a credit for the price they paid for the item and the new sale price.

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