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Chat with our support team, who is always ready to help and answer all of your questions!


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Where are we located?

How we get here!

To reach La Chunga we will embark on a journey together.

Our village is located in one of the most wild and remote places of Panama and Central America. Still, there are good transportation options!

First, from Panama City, we will take a bus for 6-7 Hours on the Pan-American highway. 

We will get off in the town of Metetí, and get on another short 20 minute bus ride to Puerto Kimba.

From Puerto Kimba, we will take a 40 minute boat ride to get to the village of La Palma.

Every trip starts with an overnight stay in the village of La Palma. 

From La Palma to La Chunga it is 2 hour speed boat ride through incredible river landscapes.

– Because of the long distances, we prefer splitting it in two, aswell to assure the best weather conditions. 

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