Our Accommodation

Our Accommodation is simple and good. We appreciate being able to share our way of living with you. 

During your time in our village of La Chunga you will be staying in our “Eco Lodges”. 

Natural Habitat

Our cabins are all built on stilts. They are simple, and we love them for that. They dont have any walls, and make therefore the sleeping experience in the jungle very unique.

We provide strong Mosquito nets so that you can sleep undisturbed!

 You will be sleeping with the sounds of nature surrounding you. 

We DO have:

We DON´T have

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Jungle expedition accommodation

For the Jungle expedition we will be sleeping in our Eco Lodges when in La Chunga. During your time in the Jungle, our Jungle guide will be bringing a good hammock for you to rest in. 

The Hammock we provide is a strong and resistant hammock, and it has a mosquito net aswell. 

Additional information



Our village of La Chunga is situated in a remote location and therefore don´t have strong source of electricity. We are able to charge your phones, and small electronic devices, with everyone taking turns to charge. 



The weather has an influence on our daily life. If it is raining a lot, sometimes we might need to change the exact itinerary, as the conditions are failry tough at times. This to ensure the best quality of tours and your safety while travelling with us. 

What to bring !

We have created a list of all of the essentials that you might be needing in the Jungle, no matter which tour you will be going on. It is not obligatory to bring everything but recommendable, it depends on your level of tolerance Anyways let´s have a look: 

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