Darién Birdwatching tour

Darién Birdwatching tours

The Birdwatching tour is an unique experience for the passionate Bird spotter. We know our forest well and know where to find the different species.

Discover the home of the Famous Harpy Eagle, and an astonishing amount of other bird species 

7 days
6 Nights

Live with an Indigenous Family for 4 days and discover our way of life.


7/10 of activity scale.

Some activities can be tough, such as the Jungle Trek. We are in remote conditions. 

La Chunga

Our village of La Chunga is ready to welcome you with open arms. 

Starting point : Panama City

Our guide will meet you at Albrook Terminal in Panama City at 7:30 A.M on departure day.  (Bus from Panama City to Metetí)

We will then take a short bus between Metetí – Puerto Kimba.

From Puerto Kimba we take a 45min boat ride to La Palma

We overnight at the Hotel Tuira in La Palma : Here we get to know the village & the local specialities.

We will take the boat at 7am to go to La Chunga after having breakfast in La Palma.

Arrival at La Chunga : Introduction of the local community and the village.

We will tell you about our history, our political organization and take you to our fields surrounding the village. You will also get the chance to swim in our natural swimming-pool.

Then, we will walk to meet the famous (Rufescant tiger-heron) “Tigrisona lineatum”

Hike in Darién Primary Rainforest with our local guide.

You will see rare animal species such as the Blackheaded spider monkey (Ateles Fusciceps), the Harpy eagle, the Red frog and Brown snakes, etc…

Very early after breakfast we continue towards the El Katigua swamp.

In this area we observe the most exotic and very endemic bird in the area called: (Golden-headed manakin) “Pipra erybrocephola”.

Lunch rest after a good meal we continue our tour looking at more birds towards the Bakaka trail the rarest birds in this area (Rufous-vended Ground-Cuckoo) “Neomorphus geoffoyir”.

La Chunga Eco-lodge night.

We continue our expedition to observe more birds to discover the different species of rare birds such as the (Great tinamou) “Nothocercus bonapartei”.

Half a day rest at a 2 hour walk in secondary forest we will observe this bird (Gray-headed chachalaca) “Ortalis cinereiceps”.

This is 1 hour from La Chunga town.

La Chunga Eco-lodge night.

Adventure to the Barburera trail very early after breakfast.

Today we will see the (Red throated caracara) “Ibyctet american at 4 hours from the town is easy to observe these birds on this route.

Lunch-rest, we continue the journey towards another route called around the river La Chunga the fish birds called (Ringed king fisher) “Megaceryle tarquata”.

At the same time there is also another species of bird (Royal flycatcher) “Onycherbynchus coronatus”.

Interaction with the Embera La Chunga culture. Where we are going to share our culture, traditions and we are going to show you our art and where you can buy our handicrafts

You can cooperate and support but it is not an obligation to do so. It is conscientiously an option if you wish.

Night: Eco-lodge La Chunga

Leave early morning to take the first boat passing on the Sambu River.

Fro here you will be taken directly to Puerto Kimba to take the small bus back to Metetí and from there another bus from Metetí to Panama City.


You will be back in town by approximately 2pm

Our Accomodation

We offer two different accommodations for you.

For the Homestay experience and the Birdwatching tour, you will be living in our comfortable Eco Lodge Cabins in our village of La Chunga


During your trip with us you can stay in our comfortable Eco lodge cabins which are located right next to our house. This is part of the Homestay Experience and you will be living side to side with us and our family. 

The lodges are simple, with no walls but we have but a solid mosquito net, so you don´t have to worry about bugs in the night! Come experience our homestay experience and live like we do.

Jungle experience
The Jungle experience is for the more extreme, and will be spending the night sleeping in hammocks in the Jungle. A true adventurers experience!

Where is La Chunga?

La Chunga is located in the forest of the Darién. It is a very pristine area with lots of wildlife everywhere. 

Our village lies out to a small creek that flows in the Rio Sambú which is the easiest reference.


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