About us

We are Emberá

If you wish to have an authentic experience in the Darién Jungle, then look no further.

We are  the only indigenous owned tour operator providing tours to our homeland of the Darién. We have been living here for decades, and these forests are literally our home.

By booking your tour through us, you are supporting locally owned company, and directly contributing to the community of La Chunga.

All of our guides are Indigienous, and speak Spanish.

We are all Emberá.


Who We Are


Hi! I´m Solarte. I will be guiding you all the way out to my village, from Panama city to La Chunga. I can´t wait to show you my roots.


Rutillo is the fauna and flora guide. He is the one in charge of taking you into the jungle. He knows the forest like the back of his hand

foto bremilda-3

Bremilda is our lodge manager. Together with her daughter Drenilda and nieces they make sure you have good food and a clean place to sleep, when you are not out exploring.


Our Mission & Vision

Eco tourism

We are strong supporters of Eco Tourism and Sustainability. Since we live in the middle of the forest, nature is our life and bread. We want to preserve it the best way possible. When visiting us please be conscious for the environment!

Cultural Exchange

We want to teach you about our culture, traditions and language, to help preserve our treasure. We appreciate the cultural exchange as it is crucial for our education. We learn from you just as much as you learn from us. 

Development of our village

We are looking for ways to fund our village to help better our schools and living conditions. This is part of the reason for why we have chosen to bring tourists in, so we can fund better facilities for our kids.


For us it is crucial to preserve our fragile culture. We enjoy showcasing and sharing our culture so that it can stay alive and travel the world. Thus this means to respect the way that we live and behave.

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