Indigenous Homestay

Indigenous Homestay

The Indigenous Homestay tour is the perfect blend of culture and nature. 

Visit the Darién by living with the people who have been calling the forest their home, for decades.

5 days
4 Nights

Live with an Indigenous Family for 4 days and discover our way of life.


7/10 of activity scale.

Some activities can be tough, such as the Jungle Trek. We are in remote conditions. 

La Chunga

Our village of La Chunga is ready to welcome you with open arms. 

Starting point : Panama City

Our guide will meet you at Albrook Terminal in Panama City at 7:30 A.M on departure day.  (Bus from Panama City to Metetí)

We will then take a short bus between Metetí – Puerto Kimba.

From Puerto Kimba we take a 45min boat ride to La Palma

We overnight at the Hotel Tuira in La Palma : Here we get to know the village & the local specialities.

Starting point: La Palma, Darién

We take the boat at 7am to go to La Chunga after after having breakfast in La Palma.

Arrival at La Chunga : Introduction of the local community and the area. We will tell you about our history, our political organization and take you to our fields surrounding the village. You will also get the chance to swim in our natural swimming-pool.

Starting point: La Chunga, Indigenous village

Hike in Darién Primary Rainforest with our
local guide.
This is an impressive journey under
towering trees through a remarkable
ecosystem with an incredible biodiversity:
rare animal species such as the blackheaded spider monkey (Ateles Fusciceps),
the Harpy eagle, the Red frog and Brown
snakes, etc…

Day trip in the river of Sambu : 

Discover the local fishing. On the way you will meet the local fauna in its natural habitat such as for example the Caimans, Pumas and other animals refreshing themselves on the Riverside.

In the afternoon, you will discover more aspects of the rich Emberá culture through the handcrafts, made by local people of the community.

You will leave early in the morning,
following the many river turns in the
middle of the thick mangrove. You will
come back to Puerto Kimba and Meteti to
reach a bus going to Panama City.

Our Accommodation

We offer two different accommodations for you.

For the Homestay experience and the Birdwatching tour, you will be living in our comfortable Eco Lodge Cabins in our village of La Chunga


During your trip with us you can stay in our comfortable Eco lodge cabins which are located right next to our house. This is part of the Homestay Experience and you will be living side to side with us and our family. 

The lodges are simple, with no walls but we have but a solid mosquito net, so you don´t have to worry about bugs in the night! Come experience our homestay experience and live like we do.

Jungle experience
The Jungle experience is for the more extreme, and will be spending the night sleeping in hammocks in the Jungle. A true adventurers experience!

Where is La Chunga?

La Chunga is located in the forest of the Darién. It is a very pristine area with lots of wildlife everywhere. 

Our village lies out to a small creek that flows in the Rio Sambú which is the easiest reference.


Additional information


Our village of La Chunga is situated in a remote location and therefore don´t have strong source of electricity. We have some small solar panels, which allows us to charge your phones, and small electronic devices, with everyone taking turns to charge. 


The weather has an influence on our daily life. If it is raining a lot, sometimes we might need to change the exact itinerary, as the conditions are failry tough at times. This to ensure the best quality of tours and your safety while travelling with us. 

What to bring !

We have created a list of all of the essentials that you might be needing in the Jungle, no matter which tour you will be going on. It is not obligatory to bring everything but recommendable, it depends on your level of tolerance Anyways let´s have a look: 

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